IGL Testimonials

I am very happy to recommend David Poppitt of IGL to any organisation aiming to raise funds.

David held a fund raising seminar at Newport Cricket Club, looking at a variety of ways the club could benefit from fund raising opportunities / events, including routes towards Gift Aid and Charitable status.  He has an excellent knowledge of the various rules and regulations by which charitable fundraising is governed.

David has a fascinating personality and thoroughly entertained us throughout the day with his wit, expertise, enthusiasm and motivation. His presentation was expertly delivered, clear and concise with quality content and great interest. He is very knowledgeable in all aspects of fund raising and was able to answer all our queries with positive recommendations.

Following the training day seminar, we have been able to employ a number of his recommendations. We are very grateful to David for helping us towards a variety of methods of fundraising.

Dave Knight
Newport Cricket Club


I have known David Poppitt for over 30 years, initially working together at the Christie Hospital and subsequently as members of Broughton Park rugby Club. I have seen David’s involvement in the charity sector develop from being a volunteer to running his own company aimed at providing assistance for groups to enable them to access funds from a wide range of charity and other sources.  David and Income Generation Ltd have been successful in a diverse range of areas including health, education and sports.

David’s knowledge of the fundraising sector is encyclopaedic. I have been impressed by his ability to identify potential sources of income for the rugby club, and by his realistic approach when assessing the likelihood of success and the potential rewards.

In summary I recommend David Poppitt and Income Generation Ltd. They would be my choice.

Professor Alan McGown (President)
Broughton Rugby Club


I have given a number of lectures with David Poppitt, formerly the Appeals Director at the Christie Hospital in Manchester, on the interrelationship between health service bodies, charity law, tax and fundraising. David’s knowledge and enthusiasm about the health sector and fundraising has been invaluable to me when writing this book.

Robert Meakin – Preface to Charity in the NHS – Policy and Practice

David showed great flair and enthusiasm in complex liaison with charitable bodies and active involvement in public relations. He demonstrated much commitment and ability in many aspects of fundraising. This ranged from the organisation and running of large events to legacy, corporate and community aspects. David rapidly demonstrated himself to be an effective communicator with volunteers and fundraising groups and someone who effectively co-ordinated their efforts without unduly treading on their notoriously sensitive toes! David also managed all aspects of the Trust’s fundraising public relations and contributed much to raising the profile of the organisation. In addition, he proved himself capable of lateral and creative thought by helping the Trust to pioneer fundraising initiatives in a number of areas.

David’s commitment and ability will rapidly demonstrate themselves to future clients and I wish him well in his future consultancy role.

Mike E Fry – Chief Executive, Christie Hospital NHS Trust

I am very happy to recommend David Poppitt to anyone seeking to raise funds as a hardworking, talented, successful and entirely trustworthy individual. He has a particular affinity for communication with people at all levels. He is just as much at home at a fashion show in a stately home as at a darts contest in the local pub. He also has an excellent knowledge of the various rules and regulations by which charitable fundraising is governed.

Professor David G Harnden
South Manchester University Hospital NHS Trust

I have known David Poppitt since he joined the staff of Bolton School in the capacity of Development Director. His remit included the establishment of an accurate database of all past pupils, active involvement in the promotion of alumni links, and the development of a wider group of associates and supports of the School. Alongside these activities, he was appointed to spearhead fundraising, to maintain the charitable work of the educational foundation and to also raise funds through sponsorship, commercial activity and the like to support the ongoing work and activities of the School.

He threw himself into the task with energy and enthusiasm. He has done all that was asked of him and a great deal more. He is well capable of working on his own, taking initiatives and having great imagination. Throughout his time at the School he has brought a welcome, sincere personal touch to all his actions. His knowledge of people is immense and he has brought to the responsibility great personal charm and a welcome sensitivity. David Poppitt has amazed with his endless ideas and innovations – how he has managed to keep so many plates spinning simultaneously is beyond comprehension. He is a fast worker but with a good eye to detail. His oral presentations are fluently delivered with sound content and interest is maintained through excellent linguistic skills and style of delivery. Above all he is clear crisp and easily understood. The same qualities mark his written presentations and he cooperates easily and constructively with others in visual layout, graphics and illustration. He is, quite simply, good at his job and successful too as has been exemplified in the splendid response to his fundraising efforts.

Throughout his time at the School, David Poppitt has maintained an exemplary attendance record and played a full part within the staff team and the life of the School, for example a valued contribution to school sports in terms of rugby coaching. David Poppitt has been a genuine and excellent colleague, a real pleasure to work with at all times being calm, even tempered, courteous and good humoured. He will now be a fantastic asset to any organisation fortunate enough to be able to engage his services.

Alan W Wright – Headmaster, Bolton School

The Clatterbridge Cancer Research Trust and Clatterbridge Centre for Oncology NHS Trust decided some 18 months ago to develop an integrated approach to fundraising.

As a result of this decision it was decided to employ David Poppitt in a consultancy role to bring about this integration and establish a team capable of achieving a fundraising target of £15m over 5 years.

David has been faced with the need to develop effective administrative arrangements including a computerised database as well as the need to commence the fundraising process which has included the development of local committees throughout the area served by the hospital, a whole range of events, sponsorship and a series of innovative ideas.

Faced with the inevitable difficulties associated with bringing together two organisations David has achieved considerable success. Success which has resulted from his high level of commitment coupled with a sound knowledge of the problems and complexities of fundraising – knowledge which he has gained as a result of many years experience.

In conclusion, David has a pleasant personality which has enabled him to quickly develop effective working partnerships which has in turn ensured the success of his consultancy.

Alan White – Chairman, Clatterbridge Centre for Oncology
John Tears – Chairman, Clatterbridge Cancer Research Trust

I am writing in acknowledgement of your great help in organising our Millennium Reunion event. Your contribution made the event a great success. I have received positive feedback with regard to the activities held at School during the day and the splendid event in the evening. I sincerely hope that, thanks to your time and effort, we have now laid the foundation for an on-going Association of Alumni.

Peter L Elliott – Headteacher
The Castle Hills Community Arts College, Gainsborough

This is a reference and strong recommendation on behalf of David Poppitt whom I have known (as a Prospect and Consumer) and worked with (as a Colleague and Co-worker) during the last two years.

I first met David when Bolton School launched, starting from scratch, its first ever Appeal for bursaries. This was – is – an enormous financial and cultural challenge for the School and David, as Development Director, has served as the “point man” on what is a massive initiative. David sized me up as a potential contributor, made the case to me personally, brought me along in a direct but tactful manner helped me considerable with the US Tax Implications, once I had decided to provide a bursary in perpetuity for the School and very importantly, kept in frequent contact after the School had received the funds. Throughout this process, David was professional and effective.

I’ve recently worked with David as a Colleague/Co-worker in a US based Marketing Advisory role. This has included arranging the first ever Bolton School Reunion in the United States at the Harvard Club in New York, and putting on a joint presentation to the Board of Governors at the School designed to frame and focus the initiative and to generate a shared vision and buy-in at the Governor level.

I have been impressed with David’s leadership, marketing skills and business “savvy” throughout. He is a Marketing/Fundraising “pro” and would be a real assert and contributor to any institution facing financial and cultural challenges.

Len Vickers – former Head Boy at Bolton School, Former Director of General Electric Company and Head of Unilever American Division

Following your research and briefing, we have been able to employ a number of your recommendations. We are very grateful for your input both in providing a vision for the appeal and in pointing us towards a variety of methods of fundraising. This has definitely given us the confidence to proceed and we are beginning to see the fruits of our labours. We have recently received some highly encouraging donations from private individuals and trusts, having “launched” the appeal much more publicly following your advice.

Andy J. Puttock – Headteacher
Davenant Foundation School Loughton, Essex

David Poppitt joined us at Hawkwood College at a time when our fundraising efforts were struggling. Through his contribution in a hands-on consultancy role, the fundraising work has taken on new life, and a new Development Programme has come into being. Many new strands were introduced in the fundraising strategy, and the project work has been given a new sense of direction. Most of this is due to David’s expertise, enthusiasm and his fountainhead of ideas, and he can be given credit for establishing a Development presence within the whole College framework. We can now take this forward with greater confidence through an internal structuring.

He has shown himself not only well qualified with a broad range of experience, but also able to adapt and find working structures for new situations. Through his enthusiasm, his sense of humour and his sensitivity to personnel and people situations, he was also very much enjoyed as a member of the Hawkwood team. We can highly recommend David for fundraising work for other organisations and wish him well for his continuing and future work.

Richard Brinton – Principal, Hawkwood College, Stroud, Glos.

I first met David Poppitt when I attended a conference on fundraising for schools and he was one of the key-note speakers. I was enormously impressed by his innovative yet common-sense approach, his positive “can do” personality and his achievements in his chosen field of fundraising.

I was particularly interested what he had to offer as a consultant as my own school, Colchester Royal Grammar School, was on the verge of appointing an internal candidate as director of an appeal.

David Poppitt expressed a willingness to act as consultant to oversee the work of the appeals director, to attend monthly meetings of the governors’ development committee and set monthly targets for the appeals director and to advise the committee as appropriate. David has been a source of strength, expertise, enthusiasm and motivation. The monthly targets such as for business lunches to be arranged, face to face meetings with businesses set up, research for legacies undertaken – have been well thought out by him and persistently and patiently met in a good humoured way. He is prompt and efficient with administrative matters and with correspondence.

David has an ebullient, cheerful personality, gets on easily with people and exudes a confidence that gives strength to the whole operation. We look forward to David’s expertise and influence enabling our high financial targets for this appeal to be met. I warmly recommend David Poppitt as a man of considerable ability and a front-runner in the field.

Stewart Francis – Headmaster, Colchester Royal Grammar School

On a personal level I have hugely enjoyed working closely with David during the last three years. He and I Worked particularly well together at Alumni Relations events and fundraising events both in the Oldham area and to groups of former pupils around the country. David’s tireless enthusiasm, vast experience, common sense and variety of approach gave me a refreshing insight into the world of fundraising. David’s time at the School was a success as we now have minimal overheads on Development Programme combined with a steady stream of income from former pupils and others. If the chance were to arrive in the future when I could work again with David Poppitt and I had the time and freedom to pursue his ideas more fully, I would be delighted to do so. I can commend his work to you most strongly.

Ken E Jones – Headmaster, The Hulme Grammar School, Oldham